The Beauty of Beauty

I met Beauty yesterday in the unique fleeting arrangement of words, fabrics, faces, bodies, streets and landscapes. I wanted to grasp on to her and pull her close to my breast, to smell her, to inhale her, to taste her on my tongue, to rub her scent all over my neck: "I need you", I told her.  I move my eyes: open! awake! take beauty in! let her simmer inside me now!  This sound, that movement, these feelings are only here now and the soon they are gone, so sweet, so sublime. My mind rolled his eyes. Yes! I told him: "That supermarket, this streetlight, that morning hour - you either get it or die, slow death like the lobster cooking, because beauty is life itself.  Precious life, right here, right now. What is more immediate, more sensuous, more direct, more forming and transforming than this moment with all her glory?  This moment is under rated, this beauty is gone unnoticed and my life is passing by. Every moment birthing beauty, the closest to Grace.  Who is living

when you were out of things to say

Mission Creek, Montana A river, sunk deep into the prairie remembers the time I fished in it with my father in a deep Montana evening. Fish swam by in their race towards autumn, but neither of us felt the need to chase them. There were arrowheads that had been lying in the tall grasses, a hundred years of waiting to greet our fingers with their unsure edges, broken backs. The night broke over our shoulders, mine young and his quickly aging, so we returned to the car and left only the river there to remember the solitary evening when Montana had become more than a place, but a sacred breath to take when you were out of things to say, when you were out of things to sanctify. Patricia Schlutt, age 15 Grand Rapids, Michigan Teacher: Rodney Torreson 2010 River of Words Finalist

Desire is the fuel for the fires of creation.

Desire is the fuel for the fires of creation. How does your soul materialize? Your attention is amplified by the “burning desire” and a vibration shift was created so that a polarity was formed out of singularity. It takes a tremendous desire to pump up enough energy to split into two, from pure spirit into body and spirit. The vibration shift lets your astral self split into energy/mater so it can experience itself in the physical world. Self wants to know who it is in every way possible. Without judgment the spirit asks endless questions like, “Who am I when I’m a tree, a bird, a fish, a person, a rock, an everything that could be?” Those questions drive evolution because once a question is asked it is acknowledging a void of knowledge and that void, once seen, starts to attract the matching energy to complete or answer it. That attraction is expressed through desire in its purest form. Not obsessive, clingy, jealousy but pure desire, the energy of attraction. Desire is the fuel
Welcome to the world of the unknown Welcome to the world of emerging  Welcome to the world of I AM BECOMING Welcome to the world of life Are you ready to dive in? Are you ready to get messy? Are you ready to indulge your senses in ecstasy? Tear your guts and heart wide open? Are you ready to kneel on the earth?  and pray  "sacred, sacred, sacred everything is sacred"